Homewards bound: The Commodore's Blog from Croatia

Above: Leaving Korcula

Well, I said on my last blog we were hoping for more wind. And that is just what we got!  By popular request ( in fact our Corinthian friends) it was agreed we should do an informal race   - no handicaps, plus the new Little Ship rule developed in the Channel Islands cruise for racing in no wind (switch on the engine!...). So we set off beating Eastwards in light airs . Seven or eight long tacks later at around 2knots we had just got round the point, to find the wind had backed round to the south west and died, as we set off south westwards to Lastovo. So the rule (and engine) was engaged!  We arrived last, but were adjudged the winners as the boat that must have sailed longest!

But our destination could hardly have been bettered, tied up on the pontoon of the Augusta Laguna restaurant, which I had booked some months ago. As you can see it was full- we just managed to hand off the end, with our superior passarelle (gangplank)just long enough to make the angle onto the pontoon. We had fish - as one does out here - and it was delicious.

On Thursday morning all our dreams came true on our way to Vis - we had the right sort of wind from the right direction!  We left at 0900, had the main up by 0915 and by 0930 were sailing under spinnaker, making 7 knots, which we pretty well kept up for six and a quarter hours. Steve Midgley put his motorboat "Lissn" through her paces, roaring up to us and taking the photographs I had requested - now I shall have a decent shot to put on the rogues boat gallery in the Club gallery!  Then it was spinnaker down and Genoa set as we began our approach to Viz Kut harbour which we entered under full sail - amazing wind shifts as we passed the headlines certainly kept us on our toes, but it was an exhilarating sail: we completed the 38nM in just 6 hours 25 minutes with the engine in for only 40 minutes, on departure and to tie up.  My best sail ever in Croatian waters.

Then it was our final pontoon party on Vis Kut quay - we were tied up next a small square where we enjoyed the remainder of Michael Unsworth's wine and were regarded quizzically BT the locals on the park benches around the square!

The final dinner at the Pojoda restaurant - for my money the best in Vis, which boasts many!  We were seated not by boat but by what we had chosen to eat - which mixed us up perfectly!  We ran through the quiz- won by the Bizzeys; awarded the wooden spoon to David Hornbach for falling off the pontoon at the Augusta Laguna (while completely sober!) and generally had a delightful and yet again delicious time.

Then some brave souls came for a night cap on Dream of Osprey: and that was the end of the Historic Croatia Rally.

So I write this as we again have a really favourable wind, making over 6 knots in a broad reach - the last two days sailing making up for two years of absent winds!  I hope you have enjoyed our adventures!


Approaching Lastovo.


We just made it onto the Augusta Laguna Pontoon in Zaklopatica Bay, Lastovo Bay


The Little Ship Club flotilla tied up in Zaklopatica Bay. 

Michael Forbes Smith, 16.09.2016 | More from Michael Forbes Smith’s blog