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Well, what a wonderful two days we have had. The passage from Hvar to Korcula was made without the assistance of wind - except for half an hour as we approached the Korcuka Channel. We got the spinnaker up again, only to find the wind dropping. We actually made 3 knots with the same amount of wind, but it soon dropped away. We had to get to Kircula in time to arrange the pontoon party so it was engine back in and down to Korcula at 5.8 knots. I never cease to marvel at the old town of Korcula; what could possibly be more attractive, on a sunny day with the brick-red roofs, the honeyed, weathered old towers and the spire of St Mark's Cathedral (a dead give-away as to its Venetian origins) rising majestically on top of the town hill. We got there by

1630 to find, as expected, that Michael Unsworth (the owner and a Little Ship Club member) and his team at the Lesic Dimitri Palace had everything well in hand. The wine (the white well chilled) arrived "just in time". Meanwhile, Basia and Mark had done sterling service with a quick visit to the supermarket and made up such a spread that supper hardly seemed necessary!  And the wines were very special, as all agreed.


End of part one!


Approaching Korcula 


Pontoon party in Korcula

korc 3_0.JPG

from the end of the Marina pontoon - Dream of Osprey with the old Venetian town of Korcula behind.


Michael Forbes Smith, 14.09.2016 | More from Michael Forbes Smith’s blog