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I forgot to say that the "Maresca" traditional sword fight dance we were due to see on Monday evening was mysteriously cancelled - as Michael Unsworth said, this is Dalmatia!  But the pontoon party produced more than enough bonhomie to see us through our mild disappointment!

But yesterday, Tuesday, certainly did not disappoint.  After a relaxed morning, I strolled down to the Lesic Dimitri for a coffee with Michael Unsworth. There I met a demand to bring my pipes - I had piped to announce the start of the pontoon party, just as the helpful waiter from Lesic Dimitri arrived with the wine and was captivated/astonished. The word had obviously been passed on!

So at 1250, I stood at the Lesic Dimitri terrace and produced quite a stir as I blew up my pipes and called the troops to action - getting stuck into some amazing food accompanied by wines, some so rare they do not feature even on Korculan wine lists - and one, Grk, that was first produced by the Greeks 2,400 years ago.

But that was not the end of that day. After a light (!) supper at the Adie Mare restaurant, next  to the Cathedral, 27 of us attended a concert of the Korkyra Baroque Festival series in the Cathedral, which had the perfect acoustic for "The Royal Wind Music", a group of young musicians based in the Netgerlands who play Renaissance music on replica recorders - one of which was 3 metres tall. A delightful programme, with many largely unknown composers amongst the more familiar Sweelinck, J S Bach and John Dowland. To hear music of the era shortly after much of the cathedral was built as it must have originally sounded, played exquisitely, was a moving as well as fascinating experience.

And so, we're about to set sail for Lastovo with fingers crossed for more wind today!





This is our tasting lunch on the terrace of Lesic Dimitri Palace; the second shows Drazen, the manager, explaining each dish and the accompanying wines, five in all including Posip and Grk, a grape variety and wine introduced by the Greeks 2,400 years ago and very rare (only one tiny vineyard) and VERY delicious!  The hotel and restaurant are owned by Michael Unsworth, who is a Little Ship Club member!

Michael Forbes Smith, 14.09.2016 | More from Michael Forbes Smith’s blog