London URNU invites LSC out with HMS Puncher on the Thames

Our Commodore with Lt Oliver Brown RN, the Captain of HMS Puncher

Yesterday, on Monday July 17th, Cdre Anne Billard, RC Paul Banks, and I, Rune Bakken, the LSC Liaison Officer, was invited for a lunch in the HMS President Wardroom and an afternoon trip on the Thames with HMS Puncher, London URNU's training ship.

We had a wonderful time out, first going up river past the Tower of London, past the club house, and just beyond the Millennium Bridge, before turnung and going down river past the Thames Barrier, before returning to HMS President.

For those who don't know, the club has had a long standing affiliation with London URNU (University Royal Naval Unit) based at HMS President and <a href="">HMS Puncher</a>   - and I am tasked to look after the unit.

London URNU Cadets are honourary members of LSC, and we encourage the cadets to participate in our cadets along with our members.



Rune Bakken, 18.07.2017 | More from Rune Bakken’s blog