London-on-Water Boat Show

Last week, members of the Little Ship Club attended the London-on-Water boat show at St. Katherine’s Dock from Thursday 10 May to Saturday 12 May. We set out with the aim to advertise the club and what it has to offer to new potential members, and encourage them to join the club or to attend one of our open evenings. We faced many challenges over the three days; most of those being due to the weather, but that didn’t stop us from working hard to attract as many new potential members as possible.


Thursday was an eventful first day as everything on the stand just seemed to want to fall apart! The LSC poster and the stand banner were two items in particular that just couldn’t manage in the small but frequent gusts of wind. But with a lot of string and Ron and Paul’s knot-tying skills, we were finally up and running. Only to move our stall a metre or so to the right a couple of hours later! But alas, we rebuilt and were soon ready to welcome more visitors to the stall.

The morning started off very quiet with only a few people walking past us but we still managed to attract some attention and a fair bit of interest for the club’s open evenings on Tuesday 15 May and Tuesday 22 May. We remained positive, particularly with the warm sunny weather to keep our spirits up. Interest increased throughout the afternoon, especially with us being set up in an area where members of the public could walk past and see us. Some took an interest in our stall and were happy to stop and have a chat with us about the club. The Dickens Inn, a pub that our stall was conveniently placed in front of was also a great help as people noticed our stall upon entering and exiting the pub.

Friday was quiet as we predicted, however stand volunteers still managed to encourage a few people to fill out interest forms and invite them to our open evenings. On Saturday, we were let down by the weather with it being cold, blustery, and with frequent rain showers. So much so that the boat show’s organisers decided to end the show a couple of hours earlier at 17:00. But despite the rain, stand volunteers continued their efforts and attracted more potential members to the tent, with some even buying cook books while they filled out their interest forms.


Once the boat show had ended, we had our open evenings to prepare for. We had a successful first Open Evening at the club on Tuesday 15 May for the potential new members. This open evening coincided with our Training Dinner, with which we celebrated the achievements of the members who took part in training courses held at the Little Ship Club. This proved to be an extremely busy night with many of our members turning up to welcome the new potential members and to help them feel more at home here. There was never a shortage of members to talk to. Our second open evening will take place next week on Tuesday 22 May, and we’re hoping for that evening to be just as successful as the Training Dinner. If you’re interested in attending, tickets can be purchased online on the Little Ship Club’s website.

Thank you to Paul Banks for organising the Little Ship Club’s part in the London-on-Water boat show and to those who volunteered to help on the stand.

Edward Epsen, 17.05.2018 | More from Edward Epsen’s blog