Lord Mayor's Show 2016



The Club is the perfect place to have a warm breakfast and watch the new Lord Mayor’s River Pageant which this year celebrated 801 years of Magna Carta, the Royal Charter issued by King John at Runnymede in June 1215. 12th November is also the day the new Lord Mayor performs some of his first new duties after his inauguration and rides in the 250 year Old State Coach. This year the Lord Mayor, Alderman Dr Andrew Parmley -  from our own Ward of the City: Vintry  - was elected as London’s 689th Lord Mayor. Dr Parmley is a liveryman and Court Assistant of the Worshipful Company of Blacksmiths; his mother company is the Worshipful Company of Musicians and he is a liveryman of many others.LMS2.jpg

It is also ideal for a warming lunch after watching the most amazing, diverse and colourful procession going from Mansion House to the Law Courts in the Strand, this year with 140 different participating groups, bands horses, coaches: the largest unrehearsed parade in the world, certainly 123 people thought so and Didier and the caterers made sure that it all seemed effortless.

The processional routes of the City are closed to traffic to make way for the many and diverse floats and those who want to watch.

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Source Geoff Quentin

The Charter said The City could elect its own Mayor, provided he agrees to travel upstream to Westminster once a year and swear loyalty to the Crown. The journey has been made ever since despite plague, war and fire. The City’s ancient liberties and a right to due legal process still remain in what is left of the Statute.


Source BBC

But of course this is November. It rains. The spring tide is running against the River Pageant and what should be the spectacle of Gloriana and a Great Caneletto-like scene is in fact the somewhat inappropriately named Golden Sunrise Pleasure Boat with the Mayor and entourage huddled in the after deck, followed by a small flotilla of historic boats, powered by oarsmen in colourful rig.


Nevertheless it still demonstrated the grand, dignified and elegant splendour on the proud waters of the Thames, and was enjoyed by all the more enthusiastically tucking into croissants, bacon butties and coffee, echoing the typically British combination described by Melvyn Bragg.

“The way we do things here is to put the comic and the tragic against each other, we do coarse and we do grandeur. We do bawdy and we do elegance.” It’s human life as portrayed so wonderfully by Shakespeare, who once was rowed on this very stretch of the Thames.

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Source: Geoff Quentin

The last word should come from a Club member who brought his family. Geoff Quentin writes: this is the second time I have used the club as a base when taking grandchildren to see the show and again I was very happy with the day despite the rain. Little Paul Quentin especially loved the bands, Paul is learning the trombone and so was thrilled to see so many trombones being played so expertly in the various bands. [The Lord Mayor, Andrew Parmley, musician and organist at the St James Garlickhythe church near the Club for 35 years, would like that] The vantage point was so very near the club and easy for Paul to walk there as the streets were all made pedestrian only. Especially fun for Paul was collecting balloons, imitation hard hat and flags to wave. I was particularly pleased when the Lord Mayor gave a special wave to the corner where we were standing. 

The hot and tasty lunch soon after the procession had finished passing us was very welcome and such a short walk from procession route.

A great day out for grandparents to entertain their grandchildren; great spectacle, easy and safe access, friendly atmosphere at the club and good food.


Drummond Robson, 23.11.2016 | More from Drummond Robson’s blog