Moored in Marina: The Commodore's Blog from Croatia

Today - hard to remember it's only Wednesday - we awoke to the Bura's continuing fiendish howls.  But the forecast suggested it would finally blow itself out by midday. And indeed it did - so at 1300 we set off for Marina (see the explanation with the photographs!). The wind was westerly now, yet again bang on the nose, but as we rounded the point hoping to run down to Marina under sail, the wind died - from 30 knots to zero in two hours!


The marina in Marina (sic!) is comfortable and quite small with only 2 & 1/2 pontoons. There was a gaggle of Sunsail boats, but the receptionist could not have been nicer. She pointed me to the "remont" (literally overhaul) unit housed in the reception building. There I found a lady buried beneath papers in a cubbyhole behind mounds of ancient engine parts. Yes a repair could be done. When, I asked. Today?  Maybe. At first that seemed to be that, but then an email from Ivica of Damatia Cherters came through saying he had arranged to have the outboard serviced in Trogir. So I thanked the "remont" station and we now will go to Trogir first thing tomorrow.

We had decided to eat onboard - having eaten out two out of three days so far. But we were about to venture out to explore Marina, when yet again the heavens opened. So we're still onboard waiting for the notional sun to cross the yardarm before pre-supper cocktails!


Above - a view of the delightful bay of Vinisce.

fenders vinisce.jpg

Angus getting out the fenders in Zaliv Marina - the Bay of Marina - as we approach Marina, not a yacht harbour (though there is one) but a small historic town at the end of the Western extension of Trogirski Zaliv (you've guessed it)  opposite  Trogir at the Eastern end some 8nM away.


The medieval Watchtower of Marina, seen (confusingly) from Marina Angana!


Michael Forbes Smith, 09.09.2016 | More from Michael Forbes Smith’s blog