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Passage planning in seconds with Savvy Navvy

The recent LSC Solent Rally “Look out for the Buoys” provided an excellent opportunity to test the passage planning App Savvy Navvy on the tidal challenges of Bembridge Harbour.
If you are looking for all the real time information needed to plan a sea passage in one App check out
The App is designed for android or iOS mobile devices and puts together on one page charting with 4 day weather and tidal information.

I put in the basic information on A Day at the Races and it told me the optimal time to leave Bembridge for the London train from Portsmouth was after my train would have left! So I then put in the earlier tide and it told me when to put on the engine, course to steer, and a whole lot more.

It can even help you cross busy shipping lanes and the best place to enter the Traffic Seperation Scheme (TSS) allowing for the tidal effects.
You might call it the marine equivalent of Google Maps and now LSC members can get any of the three service levels for 50% off the Lockdown special price.

Barrie Martin, 24.09.2020 | More from Barrie Martin’s blog