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LSC skippers met on a gale swept Saturday 14th November at the Royal Southampton Yacht Club to discuss what it was that  members who sail on the south coast were looking for from our sailing  programme. Over a dozen intrepid South Coast skippers representing ports from Plymouth to Chichester braved the worst storms of the  year and the meeting was very constructive and some good suggestions  were aired and discussed.

 Members wanted: 


  • more sailing, preferring  not to  spend a three day weekend in one harbour but to sail to a  couple of venues  instead.  
  • Dont make the meals too expensive was another refrain and also consider crews sharing dinners on one anothers boats.  
  • Dont rule out a quick dash across the Channel, certainly over a long weekend, the skippers would certainly be up for it.  
  • Try to dedicate a rally to younger family members, again, perhaps over a long weekend.   
  • The idea of mid-week rendezvous seemed to meet with approval even though it may be restricted to those members lucky enough to be retired but keep it simple and not too organized.


We asked if members wanted to  continue with a couple of the staple rallies and decided that we still had  votes for the Last Night of the Proms rally but we got the message that we  shouldnt flog a good idea too much, keep the programme fresh was what we  heard.
It was pointed out that we seldom, if ever, sail east of Selsey Bill and that perhaps some of the eastern Solent skippers might venture  into these foreign waters at some time.
Focusing even further east it was suggested that the south coast skippers might host the east coast  skippers on one of our rallies this may happen for the 2010 Frostbite Rally  so that our east coast cousins can experience the luxury and decadence of the  Royal Yacht Squadron.
By the end of the meeting and before we repaired to the bar and the excellent restaurant for lunch we had the makings  of a rally programme for 2010 which will hopefully have something for  everyone. It will kick off with a pre-season dinner at the Royal Southampton at Ocean Village on Saturday 27th March.
The more intrepid of you may sail and find a berth at Ocean Village whilst the less hardy can rely  on motor transport to make the passage. Meanwhile there is the Fast Cruise series to keep you occupied if you have a penchant for bashing to windward in a blizzard with your extremities freezing off as I said, something for  everyone!
As for the rest of the season, watch out on the web  site   for regular updates on forthcoming rallies and cruises and please let us  know whether we are meeting your expectations we can only do that if you let  us know what it is you enjoy most. You can email me here or leave a comment by pressing the add new comment button below.
David Roache
VC South  Coast


David Roache, 20.11.2009 | More from David Roache’s blog