Spinnaker run to Trogir: The Commodore's Blog from Croatia

I last reported our stay in the Marina at Marina - the small town at the western, opposite, end of the sound of Trogir from that wonderful medieval UNESCO Heritage city.  So on Thursday, with the weather much improved - save for the absence of any wind at all! - we motored the ten-odd nautical miles in two hours and tied up, after fuelling, in one of the Dalmatia Charter berths in ACI Trogir Marina and met up again with Ivica Buble the owner, now an old acquaintance.  The outboard was collected for repair as promised. Basha Vucic, Mark's wife, joined us to make up our full crew of four and we all went into old Trogir town to lunch at one of my favourite restaurants, the Kamerlengo. Wonderful, and there was enough left over to take away to provide the basis for Basha's excellent supper supplemented by  the victualling trip she and Nark made in the afternoon.


But today was a really great day!  By ten o'clock the wind was maybe 7-8 knots, from the East.  So we roused out the spinnaker - it was the first time I had had enough experienced crew onboard since 2013(!) - and off we shot, at over 5 knots, bearing down on the charter boats, even though they were motoring!  The wind died just at lunchtime when we anchored in Fumija Sound behind Ciovo Island. Basha magicked sandwich lunch from the fridge and cupboards, and then the wind returned, still force 2-3, but now from the West. So we sailed close-hauled until we got to the point of Ciovo island and then it was spinnaker up again in the hour-long return sail to Trogir. We sailed into Trogir - photographed by none other than Drummond Robson, whose charter week was coming to an end as our Rally was about to begin. So once again ensconced in the Dalmatia Charter berth, surrounded by the board our LSC rally participants will be signing for tomorrow, and dressed overall for the occasion we entertained Drummond and our first rally skipper to arrive, Paul Banks for drinks (and an album fresco supper). So as I said - a great day!


Michael Forbes Smith, 12.09.2016 | More from Michael Forbes Smith’s blog