Suhaili Passage

Our crew assembled in Lymington on Wednesday the 17th April and prepared themselves for the big rendezvous with Suhaili the following morning. Well fed and watered Storm Petrel was prepared for sea and we slipped our lines at 11.30 on Thursday and headed for the Solent. Suhaili hove in to view, we made contact and headed together towards the Needles on a powerful ebb which shot us out to sea and onwards towards Portland Bill. Lively Lady caught up with us and with friends of Sir Robin in Oran No Mara the four of us stayed together the whole way.

There was a light easterly breeze which wafted us westwards with the help of the iron lady ticking away down below. The sea lumped up a bit although we were some eight miles off Portland Bill and we had a couple of queasy tummies including the skipper to his eternal shame. We turned northwest and with a light following swell things calmed down and our watch keepers enjoyed a beautiful moonlit night.

Morning dawned with us all still together in close company and we headed for Fowey escorted by myriads of dolphins who played with us for hours.

In Fowey we met for a pontoon party and had a few jars followed by deep and peaceful sleep.

Saturday morning dawned bright and sunny again and we all slipped our lines and followed Suhaili out of the harbour and paraded into Falmouth with our battle flag proudly flying and now accompanied by two of the clipper yachts and numerous well-wishers.

The Monday parade and festivities can form the subject of a longer story but what a privilege and a pleasure to have sailed 140 miles in company with Suhaili, Sir Robin and his crew.


Written by Tim Bizzey.

Lindsay Brophy, 26.04.2019 | More from Lindsay Brophy’s blog