VAT status and T2L forms

Ensure your VAT status is preserved if UK leaves EU

Once you have paid VAT on a vessel in an EU  Member State you are given that Status in any other EU Member state.  This is confirmed on a T2L form but in practice the production of these is not mandatory.  However, this could change if UK leaves EU so it is recommended that anyone wishing to ensure that the VAT paid status is preserved applies for the confirmation to be issued retroactively by making a submission to:


HMRC Revenue & Customs Clearance Hub

Rally Quays

3 Stanley Street


M60 9HL

Tel: 03000 579577


For more advice contact the RYA Cruising Team on 023 8060 4232 (or see this link:  If you are a Member they will send you the form to complete and a guidance note.

Lindsay Brophy, 13.03.2019 | More from Lindsay Brophy’s blog