Victory at the BESC Regatta!

A Day at the Races successfully defended the Commodore’s Cup at the Bank of England Regatta with credit to Rumpole, the ace tactician. Here are his winning tips:

Yap = tack

Yap yap = jibe

Yap yap yap = spinnaker

Rumpole is getting over David Clements' aspersion that he is a poodle (in fact, he is a ‘royal’ Coton de Tuléar), and that we started the pursuit race A Day Before the Races.

Left to right, Barrie Martin, Rumpole, Marc Vucic, and Nicola de Quincey. The invisible man is Robin Whaite.

Congratulations to Solid Air team who also came with home with a cup.


Written by Nicola de Quincey

Lindsay Brophy, 31.05.2019 | More from Lindsay Brophy’s blog