Vinisce Bay: The Commodore's Blog from Croatia

We arrived in Vinisce yesterday afternoon wet and tired. Today has been a welcome and delightful interlude. All the more so because the "Bura" did finally arrive. Normally it brings clear sunny skies, as it did today. If it brings rain then you absolutely must run for cover. But even in its mildest form it is no joke, largely because it is so squally with gusts over 30 knots from a literally clear blue sky. 

But Vinisce Bay, running westwards for about six kilometres and only two wide is completely sheltered - we could feel the gusts without experiencing their intensity. So we had a delightful day - except for a temperamental outboard. Over lunch in the village and supper (we were picked up from the boat by a youthful impresario of Kupinisca restaurant - excellent fish - and back on a fast rib) we found no-one who could help locally. So tomorrow, as the weather lifts, we're off to find an outboard mechanic between leisurely sails, with three days still in hand before the Historic Croatia Rally gets underway. 

Michael Forbes Smith, 07.09.2016 | More from Michael Forbes Smith’s blog