I have  previously reviewed Nick Ardley’s earlier publications, which have focused on the East Coast and the Thames and Medway Estuaries and enjoyed this, his latest book, takes us on a journey from Rochester on the Medway up to Allington, then back down to the Thames and onward as far as Richmond bridge.

Nick writes with an appealing, relaxed and informative style as he and the ‘Mate’ (his wife Christobel) sail down the Medway and up the Thames. As always, we are provided with historic and fascinating, but often little known, facts relating to the many places, creeks and inlets which abound along both tideways. His style draws you in, in a very gentle and persuasive way, as their yacht ‘Whimbrel’ sails with the ebb and flood tides to those out of the way and often secret and forgotten places.

If you enjoy a relaxed style of writing with unusual and interesting information about the area where you are sailing, or you are just cruising from the winter’s comfort of your armchair, then Nick Ardley’s book will prove both engaging and deeply satisfying. A charming and thoroughly recommended read.


ISBN number: 9781781556207