DIY maintenance seems to be a dying art these days and most Marine ‘Engineers’ offering repairs are at best replacement component-only artists, ask them about fine and course Metric screw threads and you are likely to be met with a blank expression let alone mention BSF, BSW, BA etc.

The author has covered quite a wide range of subjects and the pictures tell a thousand words but what would be easy tasks to some will be difficult if not impossible to fathom out for others. I did note reference to CORGI in the gas section and the CORGI gas fitters register scheme has been replaced by the Gas Safety Register some years now. However this should not put off any body buying this book and setting out to keep their pride and joy in tip top condition and it contains a lot of very useful and practical information.

I was pleased to see no recommendation on changing engine oil every year for fear the oil will go acidic and rot the internals away. This particular old wives tale should have been consigned to the archives many years ago but the yachting magazines ( if any body is still buying and reading them) to their discredit continue to propagate this fallacy.


ISBN number: 978 - 1 - 909911-13-0