This is a small book of just under 100 pages that fits comfortably on the  book shelf in the cabin and can easily be read in an evening. 

 As the title suggests it is a lighthearted account of the on-board experiences of a lady not born to the sea, but who in fact overcomes her initial fears and becomes a competent if not enthusiastic water-borne wife and companion on board.

Much of the book involves her experiences on board her husband's 33003 Nimbus motor boat and a trip to France which involved an enjoyable time  on the Seine, the Canals and the Saone.

Problems are, of course, encountered, and form the backbone of the story. But the problems are those with which we can all relate and they are reported with a good measure of humour.


A light and enjoyable read.



Published by Adlard Coles

ISBN number: 9781408142048