The author, Roger Barnes, has sailed in yachts as well as dinghies. He decided to sail open boats, small enough to trail behind a car, so that he could explore local and more distant shores.

Whatever boat chosen had to be suitable to launch and retrieve, possibly large enough to sleep aboard with the addition of some type of boom tent, capable of sailing single handed or with a companion or family members. Interspersed with the facts any sailor needs to consider before taking their own dinghy out to sea and possibly making passage to islands further offshore, he includes 'log' tales of passages he has made and although, a cruising dinghy a race he participated in France. The facts come under the following headings:

Finding a good boat various dinghies are discussed

Fitting out for day sailing the need to ensure parts can be replaced easily at sea carry correct equipment anchors, flares, VHF etc

  • Day sailing on all waters good planning, tides, slip ways
  • Under engine and oar
  • Mooring and anchoring
  • Out to sea
  • Coastal navigation
  • Dinghy home making (keeping comfortable and safe).

It was gratifying to read all the essential advice that the author gives, as when my son and I were joining club rallies in our Albacore 15 ft dinghy, we had equipped her with the same essential aids to navigation, and considered our own safety and pre-planned every possible slip way or sandy beach should the weather deteriorate. We had read Frank and Margaret Dye's accounts but our passage planning would have been far easier if we had been able to study Roger Barnes' volume first. ACM

Published by Adlard Coles

ISBN number: 9781408179161