This book carries the Yachting Monthly brand and at least some of the material has appeared in the magazine in recent years; here, it has been logically arranged for easy reference in a very useful anthology of sailing lore. As usual, Tom Cunliffe’s relaxed writing style and Yachting Monthly’s attractive presentation make for easy learning. The articles are divided into six major sections covering seamanship, boat handling, sail trim, skippering, emergencies and navigation, with most of the last-mentioned being devoted to the use of radar. The pieces on anchoring mooring and sail trim stand out as being exceptionally clear and useful, with the sail trim notes being written for cruisers rather than racers. Overall, this is an excellent distillation of sailing know-how and, at £20, good value for money. 179 pages.

Reviewed by: Ian Stewart, September 2012


ISBN number: 978 1 1199 5129