This a clearly set out aide memoire to emergency first aid. It is aimed at the younger more active sailor and deals with the common cuts and bruises of life on board, before going to to very brief instructions on how to cope with heart attacks and strokes. The print is large and clear ad the ring binder makes access to the relevant page easy, which will be helpful in an emergency.

However, there are 2 valid, and hopefully constructive, criticism which can be made of the content:

Under “man overboard” (p 11), although the text says it is vital to prevent this in the first place, there is no warning or advice on how to avoid this in marinas. There are sadly an increasing number of man overboard episodes occurring in marinas. (There were at least 3 in ours last year, including 2 after midnight where rescue was effected by neighbouring boat crews who heard cries for help.)

I would query the advice to put something into an epileptic's mouth as they could swallow it, particularly if a 2nd fit occurs, and choke to death.


ISBN number: 9781408157039