Graham Hutt undertook a major revision of Islas Baleares in 2005 and in this ninth edition he has ensured it is fully up to date. I say this with some confidence, as I first used the fifth edition of this comprehensive pilot in 1995 and have since found it invaluable sailing to all five of the main Balearic Islands (Ibiza, Formentera, Mallorca, Cabrera and Minorca).

Islas Baleares is a publication of the RCC Pilotage Foundation. The objective of this charity is ‘to advance the education of the public in the science and practice of navigation’ - an objective that is being ‘achieved through the writing and updating of pilot books covering many parts of the world.’

Thus Yachtsmen owe a debt not only to Graham Hutt for ensuring that this book continues to be so ‘user friendly’, but also to the Pilotage Foundation for without their support, this and many other pilot books would not be available to us.

One of only a few, but certainly the best, of the English written pilots for the Balearic Islands, this ninth edition of Islas Baleares is a must for yachtsmen cruising the area.


ISBN number: 978-184623831