Having recently read the author's daughter's book 'Child of the Sea' I was pleased to be reading Gwenda's adult view of all the fascinating islands and peoples the family had met in their three years sailing the Pacific Ocean.

They fell in love with the peaceful lives of the islanders, with their exuberance and their delight in sharing their island homes and way of life with her husband, her children and herself. Her hope is that the Pacific life-style can survive and be an example to those, us, who live in an ever changing hectic fast moving society. Aboard their yacht 'Aventura', they attended the birth of Tuvala as a nation and I discovered that the princess mentioned in 'Child of the Sea' was Princess Margaret. Wherever they travelled, her husband recorded events and music to be broadcast around the globe.  Whenever possible, her children attended local schools.

With modern electronic technology, some of the islanders they met now keep in touch after so many years with little contact. Do read both the mother's and the daughter's books!




ISBN number: 978 1 4081 7385 1