30 dramatic accounts of yachts lost at sea.

 This was the perfect distraction from the agony of Murray vs Nadal. The comment that the match was ‘a brilliant opportunity cunningly disguising an impossible situation’ pretty well sums most of these 30 tales - too many of which, sadly, shouldn’t have ended as they did. That said, the collection prompts serious thought on the subject of risk – its nature, that taking it is sometimes justified and the retribution that can follow when it’s not. Whatever, these are accounts of superb seamanship that prevented any loss of life - but the most poignant tale of all is No 29: effectively, what most likely happened to Ouzo, but this time with a happier ending. And the lesson for all of us is: keep that good sharp knife readily accessible at all times!  EF



ISBN number: SBN 978-1-4081-1200-7