The author has charted her own, her husband's and their yacht 'Voyager's journey across the Atlantic. In the middle of their ocean crossing, they celebrated Christmas and a short time later were visited by a Minke whale, luckily not yet full grown as measured against the catamaran he was about 26 ft long. He played and frolicked around the boat having a 'whale of a time'.

Sandra's descriptions of the people they met, the friends they made and assistance they received, make interesting reading. They visited Madeira and Porto Santo, then on to the Canaries, the Cap Verde Islands before making it to the West Indies and finally the States to escape the hurricane season.

She is not afraid to describe the difficult moments and people of many different nationalities nor equally the friendliness of so many.

Do pick up this book to enjoy it for yourselves and if you have not read her two previous titles - 'Dolphins under my bed' and 'Turtles in our wake' they are also in the library.




ISBN number: 978 1 4081 8768 -5