Mike Westin, with fellow enthusiasts, started a new boat magazine in Sweden where this book was originally published as articles describing a range of practical refurbishing projects. These centred on improving interiors to make life on board more comfortable.

For some, this book will be an inspiration to make their own improvements; for others, if dissatisfied with their boat's interior they will approach the professionals! The author started with an older boat as a project to demonstrate ideas on how to create an up to date interior. He gives practical tips on numerous topics from how to lay a teak floor in the cabin, making new berth cushions even including information on the type of sewing machine required. He puts functionality above all else.

The one thing I would like to take from his ideas is improvements to the galley, but, I wish. Without losing a full length berth there is no space to install a cooker with oven and laminated work top.


ISBN number: 978-1-4081-3295-1