Published by : Adlard Coles Nautical

I read this as someone who has never sailed the Atlantic, but has a notion I’d like to. Did I find this useful?

The author has made the trip a few times, in different boats. This is the fourth edition. His first crossing was in a 32 footer plus bowsprit, so he has in mind the everyday sailor.

The style is easy going and anecdotal – one learns by the assembly of experiences rather than a strict set of checklists, injunctions and How To's. This provides a feeling of comfort with the challenge, and a sense that there is more than one way, not that there is only a Right Way.

He emphasises the value of thorough planning, including understanding the weather drivers. There is good guidance on the route south before finally making the plunge across the pond, and especially he encourages one to consider the merits of going down the African coast.

His commitment of whole long chapters to weather, shake-down cruise, and the importance of knowing how to keep good humour on the yacht indicate these are key issues. He devotes a chapter to how to the return trip as well!

Yes, I found it confidence building.



ISBN number: 978-1-4081-8806-4