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Dr John Rae

Our Speaker will be John Andrews, who will give a talk on Arctic Explorer John Rae.

Dr John Rae was born near Stromness in the Orkneys. He qualified as a surgeon before joining the Hudson Bay Company in 1833. He became expert at arctic survival, learning from the Inuit people to use snow shoes, sleds, and build igloos.

He surveyed over 1700 miles of the arctic coast of Canada, and in 1854 he brought back to the Admiralty the first news of the Franklin expedition, including evidence of cannibalism amongst the dying crew. His report was leaked to the Times newspaper, and scandalised Victorian Britain. Lady Jane Franklin enlisted Charles Dickens to help destroy Rae’s reputation and he was “airbrushed” out of the history books. His rehabilitation is now largely complete, with a plaque in Westminster Abbey, and the posthumous “Freedom of the Orkneys”.

John Andrews has sailed over 50,000 miles, including southwards to the Falklands and Beagle Channel, and was inspired by the John Rae story to attempt a transit of the Northwest Passage in 2014. He reached 74.5 deg N ; 85.0 deg W before getting stuck in the ice and turning back.

Followed by Club Supper, tickets available on the bar - lots of places left.

Main course Beef stroganoff with vegetables rice

Dessert Lemon posset, shortbread biscuit

Vegetarian Roquefort and vegetables parcel, Puy lentil

Date and time

Tue, 13 Feb 2018 19:00
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