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The Brightlingsea Rally is a joint event with Maldon Little Ship Club and Tollesbury Cruising Club.

Saturday 3rd August 2019 - Joint Get Together with Maldon Little Ship Club at Brightlingsea

Approximately 1700 meet for an informal Bring & Share Pontoon Party. If former years are anything to go by, there is more than enough beer, wine, Pimms etc., and nibbles to go around, providing everyone is generous with their offerings. Scheduled to end by about 18.30 it is then for individual skippers and crews to make their own arrangements either for eating on board or going ashore where there are good food pubs, a few restaurants and, of course, the local fish and chips. The Colne Yacht Club – overlooking the Hard – is open and always a welcoming venue and has long and historic connections with the LSC. (See the Water Breaker mounted over the Bar!)

The Water Taxi runs until 2230/2300, but it is worth checking on the time of the last taxi to avoid spending a night ashore, if you prefer not to use your own tender.

Sunday 4th August 2019 - The Buxey Ashes Cricket Match on Buxey Sands between Maldon LSC and Tollesbury CC

This is held at Low Water on the Sunday morning and requires an early start from Brightlingsea by no later than 0700 in order to be anchored in the Swire Hole just before Low Water.

The match is a casual and most enjoyable affair where those from the LSC, who want to take part, join with our sister club – Maldon LSC. It’s all great fun and you don’t have to be a cricketer to enjoy it. Should you like to see more of what’s expected, there is an article in the 2018/19 Winter edition of ‘The Little Ship’ covering the 2018 rally.

Following the Match, the Buxey Ashes are awarded to the winning side and then the boats leave for their home port, or stay to enjoy a leisurely breakfast, watching the incoming tide cover the pitch and with the distant shores of Essex shimmering in the summer haze.


Organiser: Sue Cossell  


Date and time

Sat, 03 Aug 2019 15:00 to
Sun, 04 Aug 2019 18:00
 Members and guests only