Created: 18 Aug 2017 10:32
Updated: 08 Oct 2017 10:55
Arctic Circle

What we do

  • ensure the Club’s commercial activities are as efficient and effective as possible - in order to maximise revenues for the benefit of the membership
  • maintain the fabric of the Club’s facilities in good order
  • manage the contract with the catering contractor
  • manage the Club’s relationship with the City Livery Club
  • nurture the closest possible relationship with the Corporation of the City of London

The committee is chaired by the Vice Commodore Commercial, currently Iain Pickard, the member responsible for overseeing the contract is Caroline Roddis, responsibility for overseeing the City Livery Club contract sits with Rachel Maguire and the ‘House’ member is Ray Fox.

As well as being your Commercial C’tee we are all keen sailors. 

Vice Commodore Commercial - Iain Pickard

Iain started aged 17 as an Army Scholar at the Joint Services Centre at Gosport, where he learned the basic habits of good seamanship that remain ingrained to this day, even if they do amuse his crew.  He has sailed around the UK, the Baltic and the Adriatic/Aegean and is the proud owner of a classic wooden racing yacht, Chamois, even if it does feel sometimes like standing under a cold shower ripping up £50 notes! 

Rachel Maguire

Rachel is an active crew member on East Coast boats as well as finding time to be a member of the Audit Committee of the RYA. Ray spends as much time on the water as possible – he seems to have been through the Raz du Seine more times than anyone the author has met. 

Caroline Roddis

Caroline fell in love with sailing when she realised that it mostly involves sleeping and eating. She aspires to one day snooze and snack across the Atlantic, but in the meantime is mostly to be found in the Solent.

Three of us have serious ‘full on’ day jobs, variously running a risk management consultancy, a Director of an Investor Relations firm and a copywriter in the drinks industry who also sits on the management committees of several not-for-profit organisations – so we are very grateful for the support from the office and other members more widely.