Created: 16 Nov 2015 15:19
Updated: 16 Nov 2015 15:19

Dr Rodney Pell, a long-standing member of LSC and captain of Sheemaun, sends a message in the light of the weekend's events in Paris:

My Dear Friends at FRCPM France et Oostende voor Anker Belgium,  at St Katharine Docks London, at The Royal Temple Yacht Club and at The Little Ship Club London.

I write to you and your/our fellow citizens - as Captain of the 'SHEEMAUN'. 

You and your charitable authorities graciously recognise and invite historic 'Sheemaun' to your memorable Maritime Festivals, and I as Captain of 'Sheemaun' am honoured to sail my vessel to take a part in and celebrate with you at your National Festivals.

I wish to convey to you my most sensitive empathies and commiserations in respect of these most horrendous events of Paris 13/11/2015. Firstly to my good friends in France and secondly to my good friends in Belgium and with reflection to my fellow Club Members.  My family and crew and many fellow UK sailors join closely with me.

I am not innocent to the awfulness of War and atrocity.  I was a child during World War 2.   My little vessel 'SHEEMAUN' served with our Royal Navy in World War 2 as an armed Thames Patrol Boat, holding up against the then Nazi aggressors.

My precious daughter was injured in the Islamic Terrorist London bombings of 7/7/2005.

We inhabit a beautiful and unique Planet which we all have a duty to recognise, respect and celebrate. You good people, who at great personal effort, organise such commemorative Maritime Festivals and Private Sailing Club events are a praiseworthy example. I and my crew and we English sailors applaud you.

'SHEEMAUN' will be proud to fly her British Union Jack flag together with the French Tricolour and the Belgian Flag and her Club Burgees.

We will remember.

We will in future on 13th November stand on the deck, lower to halfmast our ensign and your colours and bow our heads in remembrance.

I wish you all well and look forward to supporting our unique and shared maritime festivals and sailing events.

With fond and personal respects,