Created: 26 Nov 2010 17:59
Updated: 26 Nov 2010 18:20
holiday inn

Decenber's Fast Cruise to the Folly Inn has had to be closed as we have now more than filled our allocated spaces for dinner (don't worry, there will be food, you just may have to sit on someone's knee while you eat it). So why not sign up for January?

Happily the rally organiser/skippers and crew coordinated approach to matching crew with skippers, with interested members being listed on the skippers and crew web page, worked well and at least 2 members got places on the rally (and skippers got crew) as a direct result.

The skippers and crew team will be working together with Graham Broadway over the remaining events in the series to provide the same facility. So, if you are keen to partake of the 22/23 January fast cruise to the Hamble but need a berth or crew, make sure you let either Graham or the skippers and crew team know in good time.