RYA Yachtmaster Ocean course

RYA Yachtmaster Ocean Shorebased Course

This course is for those aspiring to blue water cruising and is ideal for holders of the Yachtmaster Offshore certificate who are preparing for their first ocean passage

For many, including those who do not intend making ocean passages, one of the main attractions is the opportunity to learn celestial navigation – fixing one’s position out of sight of land using sextant, chronometer and almanac, rather than relying on electronic aids.

Demystifying navigation by sun, moon, planets and stars provides considerable satisfaction and new avenues of interest.

Course topics include:

  • The earth and the celestial sphere
  • Practical guide to use and care of sextant at sea
  • Meridian altitudes
  • Sun, star and other sights
  • Ocean passage planning

Although this is a shore-based course, the Club possesses some sextants and the opportunity is given of handling them and making adjustments to obtain basic familiarisation with their use.

Celestial navigation is founded on more advanced trigonometry; however, the use of sight reduction tables means that no mathematical knowledge, other than simple arithmetic, is expected.

Course timetable

Our traditional evening long course for Yachtmaster Ocean will be presented this autumn starting on Monday 4 October at 19.00 and continuing for 22 weeks with a break in December. Classes are scheduled to be held in the clubhouse.

Also consider the following LSC only courses which complement the skills needed for ocean passages:

  • Practical weather forecasting
  • Braided rope workshop
  • Integrated splicing rope-work

Since 2017, some of the material from Practical Weather Forecasting has been incorporated into our version of the Yachtmaster Ocean course.


The price for this course is:

Club Members: £285

Non-member: £425