Events at the Club

A great hat trick of social occasions here at the Little Ship Club.

Below are a few pictures of recent events at the Club, for those who could not attend: the Lord Mayor’s visit (13/6),  the Commodore’s Cocktail Party (15/6) and the Over 50s Lunch (19/5). These events are lots of fun, and, while they take a great deal of organisation, they are for the members. If you attend events like this do consider contributing to the life of the Club by helping organise events.

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Le Blog du Lot - The Final Episode

Once again, the Potamoi were on our side, and the rain held off as we made our way to Caix. We stopped en route to test the “ancrage sauvage” so dear to the French (not a people generally known for their parking prowess!), and lunch was spent at anchor – or rather, lassoed to a tree.

For the first time, the food served for dinner in the only restaurant was disappointing – however, we were treated to a wonderful impromptu concert, by a local guitarist and a clarinet player – whom we had met working the locks! They jammed for a good hour, clearly enjoying performing as much as we enjoyed listening to them. 

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Le Blog du Lot

Caroline Quentin had set up a few obstacles to those of us who wanted to join the Lot cruise she had organised, and we had to battle through strikes from both French air traffic controllers and train drivers to get to Douelle, the start of the cruise. Years of living in the UK have badly eroded my capacity at navigating the French public service, and I managed to get there a day late -  therefore missed the sailing up to Cahors, as well as the visit to the market on the Sunday morning.

I met the boat at lunchtime on Saturday, and dinner at Le Balandre was the perfect way to recover from a slightly frustrating journey - French cuisine does not get much better than in the Quercy, and regional wines need no introduction. A walk back to the boat through the sleepy town rounded up my first day.

Anne Billard, 18.06.2013 | More from Anne Billard’s blog