Coastal Turmoil attempts to explain the effects of wind, currents, seabed contours, and storm swells on the seas around our coasts and estuaries. It is very well illustrated with photographs and diagrams.

There are some fascinating and not well known facts about waves, including a table of wave lengths and wave speeds in knots which one can find by timing the waves hitting a boat in seconds. Long waves travel faster than short ones, sometimes surprisingly so (One at a period of 20 seconds being 624 metres long and travelling at 61 knots!).

The problem is that the wave height and steepness around our coasts (which are what matters in a small boat) are unfortunately not very predictable as they are affected by so many factors, and there is considerable variation in individual wave heights.

Nonetheless this is a useful small book to supplement pilot books, and to help forecast what effect current conditions of wind, weather and tides will have on the sea state where one plans to sail.



ISBN number: 978-1-4081-2702-5