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Little Ship Club sailing in Maine USA


Maine is the destination for the next Corinthians cruise, which is taking place from 30th July to 7th August 2022. BOOKING CLOSED

The Little Ship Club as a long-standing relationship with The Corinthians association on the east coast of the United States. We meet up for a joint cruise every two years alternating between the USA and the UK or Europe. In 2022, the Little Ship Club will visit the USA for an exciting cruise along the coast of Maine.

Outline Itinerary

The cruise will start in Rockland, Maine and will then visit towns and harbours along the coast and several islands The final dinner will be held in Boothbay Harbor Yacht Club.

More information about the itinerary can be found here.

About Maine

Apart from Alaska, Maine is the most northerly state in the USA. The population is relatively sparse and there are few commercial vessels to be seen.

The landscape has been partially shaped by the last ice age. Parts of the coastline are rocky with deep inlets, similar to fjords. There are many lighthouses to warn sailors of rocky outcrops and headlands. Some lighthouses are centuries old with unique designs; many of them are now maintained by historic lighthouse associations.

The climate in summer is similar to the south of England but a touch warmer. However, there is always the risk of fog, even in summer.

There is plenty of wildlife along the coast with sea birds and seals basking on sunny rocks. The seas are teeming with lobsters. Most of America's lobsters as caught here you will see lobster on most restaurant menus. Because there are lobsters, there are also lobster pots, by the tens of thousands.

 Skippers and crew will need to keep a watchful eye out for lobster pots to avoid them snagging the boat's rudder or propeller.Lobster pots in Maine









Getting a berth

Normally, the Corinthians offer LSC members a berth on their boats. Whilst that will still be the case in some instances, some Corinthians will charter boats as Maine is a long way from their normal cruising grounds. 

If you would like a berth on a Corinthians boat please contact the LSC Coordinator, Paul Banks. State how many berths you would like and if you are willing to share a cabin. Reasonable efforts will be made to find berths but as an alternative LSC skippers can charter a boat themselves.

Chartering a boat

There is only one charter company in Rockland which is NorthPoint Yacht Charters. Consequently, the charter boats may be booked quickly. NorthPont offer both sailing and power boats for hire.

If you want to charter, you are advised to do so very soon.

A key first step to chartering from NorthPoint Yacht Charters is that the skipper must submit a sailing biography/resumé to Lorraine Slaymaker at NorthPoint. The skipper may also be asked about the sailing experience of their crew.

Getting there

If you are sailing with a Corinthian ask them where they would like to meet you. They should be able to advise which is the most convenient airport to travel to.

The closest international airport to Rockland is Portland, but the closest sizable international airport is Boston. There are coach services between Boston and Portland. As many people will either go to the States before the cruise or stay a while afterwards, it is best to check the travel options yourself.

Cruise Fee

There will be a cruise fee to cover dinners and other events. The cruise fee will be $350.

LSC/Corinthians Liaison

The cruise is being organised by the Corinthians but Paul Banks will liaise the the Corinthians over LSC participation. If you have any questions , contact Paul Banks

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Date and time

Sat, 30 Jul 2022 00:00 to
Sun, 07 Aug 2022 00:00
 Members and guests only