Week One, Amber Sea

First week over, I am staying in a motel in Boothbay Harbour, Maine, as I can't stay on Amber Sea (Moody 38 CC) until she is launched.
Checked and serviced all the seacocks, cleaned out the engine heat exchanger which was full of rubber bits from the two impellers that melted and broke up when the pump went and the engine overheated. The new AIS is fitted under the spray hood, another safety feature for dodging big ships!
Paying craftsmen to do these bits while I pass tools, get in the way, and learn.
Next week I will rub down the ant-fouling patches from the repairs in Tortola and re-patch with coppercoat, which should arrive on Monday. Then she can be launched and the mast and sails put back on. May well be close to ready by the end of next week.

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Tribute to Phyllis

Phyllis Mackay pictured at a Halloween party with MLJ in Lanzarote

I met Phyllis Mackay in Gibraltar when "Boot" the Blue Waters Rally administrator approached me for a berth to Lanzarote. She then introduced us, and we got on immediately. Phyllis checked out of her hotel and moved aboard "Amber Sea" that afternoon.

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Update from Amber Sea, 25 January 2010

Simpson's Bay St MaartenCurrently I am in the French half of Simpsons bay lagoon on St Martin. I plan to leave for Anguilla at the end of January, then on to Tortola in the BVI's for the 9th of February when I am meeting old friends and neighbours from home who are on a cruise, and in Tortola for the day!

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Arrived in Jolly Harbour

Arrived in Jolly Harbour, Antigua, at 14.30 today; after a long slow and bouncy 3000 mile crossing.

Had electrical problems, traced to a loose battery connection and low electrolyte levels eventually. So could not use the autopilot. Hand steered for about 2,600 miles.

Blew out my cruising chute in a 40 knot squall at 1.00 am.

Engine water pump shaft sheared 4 days ago.

Cheap little petrol generator worked perfectly!

Big swells and a nasty cross sea most of the time, so we rolled and corkscrewed most of the way.

All in all slow and tough.

5,500 miles since leaving Plymouth on 12th August.

Now for white beaches, cold beers, and hot sun!

Just had a long hot shower, now going for a steak, egg, and fries.



Dr.Malcolm Lewis-Jones
Yacht Amber Sea

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