Fast Cruise 6 for Ronhilda

For FC6 Ronhilda was prepared once again. Robin Young could not come after his op  and we wish him a speedy recovery and hope to see him on Ronhilda over the summer.  The crew of Debbie, Andy, Steve and Marko joined in the Evening  but as I had a consultants appointment about my back and legs I joined on the Saturday morning. The course start had been set even further into the Wild West at North Ryde middle 15miles from the Eastern Gulag of Chichester Marina. This meant yet again a very early start and we resolved next year to text the course setter as we leave the Marina to advise him we are setting off to participate in his courses.

As predicted we found  very little wind in the Harbour or along the coast in misty visibility but the crew took Ronhilda along to the start arriving just before 11am as I was once again restricted below  in movement and standing on my feet. Still little wind found at the start so the cruise was postponed to Noon.  A new course was set meaning anybody with spinnakers and cruising chutes would speed off and get to the Cowes finish before the adverse tide really set in. Ronhilda was left to wallow around watching them disappear off  but I like to feel we in the also rans not so fast fleet  actually showed more skill in overcoming the light winds and flood tide to be able to finish the course. 

Arrived in Cowes to a reserved berth on the outside pontoon and we soon settled in to Ronhildas normal post cruise routine of cheese and biscuits although I was not able to partake. We noted the new OYC yacht arrive( more like a sailing ship actually)  and to our pleasure Caroline White ( ex Little Ship Club Journal Editor) was on board so she came over and we had a brief catch up, my log showed her sailing on Ronhilda in 1996.  I am not able to walk much at the moment so ate on board whilst  the others walked to the meal.  We also now had a small yacht outside of us with Dad, son and a Jack Russell as crew. 

On Sunday the forecast was for building Easterly winds during the day so in view of low water being mid afternoon,  Ronhilda made his early getaway at 0630 BST.  Starting off sailing we soon were headed in the building wind so it was then motor all the way back. After the forts we had had constant winds of over 20kts just N of E more or less on the nose. Getting to the bar about 45mins after HW the wind was already pushing the tide fast out of the harbour (conditions like todays can mean up to 0.75m less than predicted at LW) and we saw 29kts apparent going up to Chalkdock beacon and even over 20kts in the marina approach channel. 

So another successful cruise by our parameters ( I wonder how many Ronhilda has completed now over the years) and onwards the summer, personal fingers crossed for the MRI scan on Thursday. 



Brian Humber, 31.03.2019 | More from Brian Humber’s blog