Not the FC2

Finding out at the last minute the Start for FC2 was over 20 miles away from our berth Ronhilda did their own FC2 and had the best sail of the 2018 season,

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Ronhilda's Enjoyable Day to End the 2015/6 Fast Cruises

Ronhilda enjoying a Fast Cruise

Knowing I was in Ukraine till Thursday I had left the yacht in Gosport to allow for last minute delays and not to have a too stressful Friday. Good thing I did, the Polish airline LOT was dreadful  and we did not get back to Chichester until 2am on Friday.

Anyway Friday evening saw the regular Ronhilda gang enjoy the standard evening meal of Fish and Chips,  I must confess I caught up on sleep 8pm to 8 am so missed the usual banter in the saloon after the meal.

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Ronhilda's Windy February Fast Criuse

Ronhilda Returning to Base on Sunday - a Rare Upright Moment

Saturday morning brought a forecast of F5/6 East going NW and gusts in the 30s. So we put a reef in the main and 2 in the large geny.  Not many yachts with a high handicap started this month and we chose to beat  across the Solent to Browndown letting the tide take us towards the mark with just a tack and short beat in flatter water down to the buoy.  The next two legs brought us back to the start before repeating this triangle.  In the cold of a Feb day not really inspiring, nor was the sight of the short course yachts then having easy legs straight up Southampton Water to the finish whilst we had to go right across to Cowes and then back across to Hill Head before going up the water.  

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Ronhilda Watches the Weather on the Januaury Fast Cruise

I had a hunch the course setter would be on the water with us this month.  As he seems to like a close start to his home waters I guessed this would be in the serpent infested waters of the far west and so it turned out to be. Not wanting to have to get up at 4am and sail for 4/5 hours before even starting a long cold fast cruise sail on the water, fortunately some of the crew helped me ferry Ronhilda this month to Gosport and so they and I set off on Friday after midday.  We knew the wind was stong but from the North West so no swell just a short wave fetch.  This was true but the wind was so strong in the gusts ( well over 30kts) the crew complained their teas etc was being blown out if the cups and replaced by water shipping over the bow and being blown straight into the cockpit.  Earl Grey tea made with cold Hayling Bay water is not good.

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Ronhilda's Gentle Oct FC

For October's Fast Cruise Ronhilda had a reduced crew and his skipper was still suffering from, and had not recovered from, his appendix operation in July. So it was decided the journey from his Gulag located in the far east in Chichesterstan would be taken easily and the actual cruise would be with a small sail plan.

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Ronhilda goes to St Vaast ( or actually Portland Marina as it turned out)

Having signed up for Grahams St Vaast Rally this BH weekend I had done more than I normally do for a cross channel trip, even putting in a course on my iPad. The only issues in the week leading up to the rally were my large 28 year old 145% Genoa was not back from  the Sailmaker having suffered in the winter fast cruises and I could not shake off a severe earache. 

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Ronhildas Final 2014/5 March Gourmet Fast Cruise

Whilst the yacht was in Gosport  Andy Chatterton went up the mast fo rme to recover the Ticktack wireless masthead sender unit. Raymarine knew all about the Ticktack flat battery problem and had got a replacment unit out almost as soon as I had got through the door.  Apparently the design has been changed so you can now replace just the masthead battery only every 8 years or so, but the old design units (mine) have to be changed completely fo rthe new  (at a cost of over £300!!!)  Friday evening Andy again went up the mast with your scribe winching and reported it was dam cold 21metres up.  I am truely grateful for his efforts which meant Ronhida had working wind instruments again for the first time since October '14

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