Update from Amber Sea, 25 January 2010

Simpson's Bay St MaartenCurrently I am in the French half of Simpsons bay lagoon on St Martin. I plan to leave for Anguilla at the end of January, then on to Tortola in the BVI's for the 9th of February when I am meeting old friends and neighbours from home who are on a cruise, and in Tortola for the day!

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Member Profile Rhian Deakin

Rhian Deakin in a funny hatRhian Deakin, 30, joined the Little Ship Club last August in a quest to build on her competent crew and dayskipper course experience.
She is now doing the yachtmaster theory class on Monday evenings and hopes to build up her sailing miles to do coastal skipper and YM practical in due course.

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Copper Coating update

The winter has done its worst but our new copper coating is now finished and despite the appalling January weather Storm Petrel is now back in the water waiting for the mast to go up and then we can sail away in to the blue, or more probably the grey yonder.

The work looks excellent and we are optimistic that this expense will stand us in good stead for the next ten years or so. If Malcolm can slip down to the Carribbean with it and Chris can aspire to race results then it has to be good.

The secret is always preparation and whilst rich Malcolm opted for a slurry blast the poor Le Verrier-Bizzeys had to opt for a sand blast. Luckily that did no damage, the danger is always that it will damage the gel coat but we got away with it! Slurry is pretty much guaranteed to be gentle on the hull.

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Stay aboard the Little Ship Club

The Met Office predicts a hard winter this year. How often have we heard that before, yet it seems this time they may be right. The perversity of global warming seems to produce climatic conditions which are contrary to the general trend.

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The fast cruise to Beaulieu

The up and coming fast cruise to Beaulieu will be a whole new experience for me. I am chartering a yacht for the very first time.Merlin Rocket PoohBah I started sailing whilst at school in the early '60s and spent the latter years of the '60s, all of the '70s and early '80s racing Merlin Rocket dinghies and Dart catamarans.




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