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Kazbek - Celebrating the baton's return

In 2006 we had the privilage of doing two of the final legs of the baton relay.  We sailed from Harwich to London (Gallions point, Docklands) via Burnham on Crouch and Gravesend.  Life was complicated by engine failure off Southend.  We tried to start the engine, but nothing happened!

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South Coast Forum

South Coast Forum: Ocean Village

LSC skippers met on a gale swept Saturday 14th November at the Royal Southampton Yacht Club to discuss what it was that  members who sail on the south coast were looking for from our sailing  programme. Over a dozen intrepid South Coast skippers representing ports from Plymouth to Chichester braved the worst storms of the  year and the meeting was very constructive and some good suggestions  were aired and discussed.

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Bagheera boarded by customs

Customs officers aboard Bagheera photo Mike GillPhoto: Mike Gill

Boarded! 30 hours out from Castlehaven in Southern Ireland, we were cruising happily along in the sunshine off Mounts Bay when we saw a grey warship or similar lurking close inshore - almost invisible against the coastline. It then detached itself from the shore and came fast out in an arc towards us and then kept station with us at a distance of about 3 cables astern for about 10-15 minutes before lowering a RIB, which came after us.

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Ireland 2010

RCYCHave you ever thought of sailing your yacht to the beautiful south west coast of Ireland? Now is your chance to join a select group of members who after the Scillies Cruise from Falmouth on 26th June will sail on to Cork and ultimately Baltimore.

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YawlI used to have a Salcombe Yawl. That was a while ago - before our son was born. Y132 wasn't the raciest of boats although she could compete in the SYC blue (second) fleet. But what it also gave us was the quiet freedom of the harbour. But with the arrival of the boy she was used very little. "Hold the baby whilst we jibe" was not the sort of phrase designed to ensure marital harmony. We sold her when he was one.


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